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Be yourself, john this option will have john ask bruce for playing out a scene, in which bruce will impersonate harley and john will try to confess pull her strings in this case, john will try to use manipulation to get information from bruce. Episode 3, the fractured mask, has released and we took our time playing through it multiple playthroughs to give you a complete run down of what may just be the best episode. Warning selina was difficult i didnt do it, because of gordon, saying about the mole was even worse i took the blame, besides john took the laptop. Under the new name of joker, he makes many assaults on bruces life, kills many other people, and this ends in a final fight between bruce sans batman armor and joker, where joker happily claims to be the villain of. I know they wouldnt go and completely change the story, but itd be cool if there were differences between the two.

Catwoman is the name assumed by cat burglar selina kyle. Bruce wayne leaves gotham and returns as batman in first look at gotham series finale video i wanted to give selina kyle as much respect as possible. The second installment of telltales batman takes all of the solid foundations established by episode 1, trims most of the fat, and continues to build an engaging dark knight story in a. Both situations end the same, but the following cutscene will be different. To avoid attracting attention, he decided to wear something ordinary. The telltale series season two, is an episodic pointandclick graphic adventure video game, developed and published by telltale games.

I was surprised there was no more penguin and harvey was taken care of at the beginning. Catwoman will try to escape, destroying the capsule in the. Throughout the course of these five exhilarating episodes, batman must choose his allies carefully, especially when the joker, bane, and other iconic villains appear. Harvey dent travel to choosing this option means, that batman will help harvey. Gordon hates bruceirritated at batman selina loves me harley deceived probably waller good relationship with bruce batman johnnot sure tiffany honored probably told her about bats choices. Saving selina to improve his relationship with her, making their onenight stand more believable. I didnt try to kiss her in episode 2, but i did sleep with her, i said i loved her but really i just said that because i felt bad for bruce, i didnt trust selina and tbh if i could go back i would just tell her to f off. However, in reality, selina works with him to achieve her.

The time period which the series is set seems to be the midtolate 2010s, citation needed with technologies such as drones and smartphones being used by characters. Selina kyle catwoman kiss says her goodbye to bruce wayne with a kiss in episode 5 of batman the telltale series, city of light. Batman the telltale series selina catwoman goodbye kiss. Gotham season five, episode 12 was called the beginning in reference to the end of the prequel and the start of the batman narrative of the dc comics and films. Children of arkham episode batman the telltale series. Bruce finds out that oz, now called penguin, plans to put a hit on her and does everything in his power to save her.

The telltale games series game guide is also available in. Oct 27, 2016 batman telltale series episode 3 alternative choices reject selina or romance selina walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary lets play batman the telltale series 2016 characters. Batman ninja, ninja battoman is a 2018 japanese animated superhero film directed by junpei mizusaki and produced by warner bros. When they were both after statues in museums, catwoman teamed up with penguin, hoping to fool him at the end of their agreement and take both of the statues. The first option will leave alfreds deliberations without. Interactive entertainment under its dc entertainment label, based on the dc comics character batman. Although a thief at heart, she also promoted animal rights, going as far as using her costumed persona to spy on and foil companies violating the rights of animals. Dent becomes twoface and has issues with brucebatman anyway so i saved selina. I definitely wanna see more selina catwoman interactions. In my eyes harvey is one of the most important characters of the batman universe.

Like the previous game, it features a branching narrative and multiple choices, which. Helping renee over harvey, so that the latter loses even more trust in batman. Selina kyle is a charity fundraiser by day and catburglar by night. Fractured mask gets season 2 back on track and makes the previous episode. In episode 3, she briefly assists the children of arkham before batman arrives and the two fight the terrorists. Batman the telltale series episode 2 ending harvey. The enemy within is an episodic pointandclick graphic adventure video game developed and published by telltale games and distributed by warner bros. In episode 4, selina leaves the manor, refusing to be caught up in the war between batman, harvey, and the children of arkham.

Following the reveal that his parents were linked to organized crime, bruce wayne visits crime alley to collect his thoughts. Episode 5 is the worst telltale episode ive ever played. Telltale batman selina s goodbye kiss farewell scene. All eventualities have been described in detail in chapter 2 under the headlines harvey and renee. Twoface is a supporting character turned secondary antagonist of batman. One of the few clean cops in gotham, he was a reluctant ally to the vigilante batman and the vigilantes main contact on the force. The episode focuses on batman as he investigates the murder of carmine falcone and the rise of a new criminal in gothams underworld. The game is based on the batman character by dc comics and takes place early in the caped crusaders career early in the career of the dark knight, before having encountered many of the rogues gallery that would go on to define him. The telltale series, which was released episodically from august 2nd to december th 2016.

Decide if you want to kiss selina, or keep your distance. During the children of arkhams attacks on the city, gordon worked with the vigilante to stop them and brokered an official partnership between him and the gcpd. Forgetting to use catwomans assistance in a fight i. While not always a villain, she nevertheless sometimes serves an antagonistic role. The enemy within game guide is an illustrated walkthrough of all 5 episodes. No further consequences of this choice in this episode. Episode 2 when given the option to kiss selina, if the player waits long enough she will glance directly at the camera as if asking well what are you waiting for. The easiest was definitely revealing to tiffany that im batman. Watch gotham episodes online season 5 2019 tv guide. James gordon is a supporting character in telltale games batman series.

Gotham boss talks series finales batman reveal, bruceselina. Catwoman and batman kiss love scene batman arkham knight batman leaves selina bruce wayne kiss duration. Gotham season 5 episode 2 recap in last weeks episode of gotham, we caught up with gordon, bruce, and the rest of our heroes as they dealt with the realities of living in the now isolated city. I wasnt paying attention and missed the down arrow key causing the cat to run out and alert harvey to me being there. Batman telltale episode 5 kiss selina reject selina. Takashi okazaki, the creator of afro samurai, is the character designer for the film. The story gets more complicated in episode two, and things are revealed that ive never known about batman or other characters in the game. So, im a member of the minority who saved harvey first in episode 2, and, despite him not being twoface, it seems hes still traumatised and has 2 personalities. Batman telltale series episode 5 alternative choices kiss selina or reject selina you know thats not true thats all you are walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary lets play. This could be an alternate story, or perhaps its due to the fact that i never really read many batman comics, and this is clearly different from any of the movies.

After what went down on the rooftop between selina and bruce episode 5 season 3, selina tries to figure out where she stands but a certain someone wont let her out of his sight for too long gotham rated. Batman waged a war against organized crime in gotham city, his primary targets being. Selina kyle, also known as catwoman is a supporting character and possible love interest in both batman. Foxs gotham wrapped its fiveseason run on thursday night with an epilogue, set a decade into the future. The telltale series though telltale games shut down in 2018, the licenses for the batman and the. Batman telltale episode 2 ending walkthrough save harvey. But ill probably do a playthrough where i save harvey and prevent him from becoming twoface. The enemy within, that saw the pact take on the agency, we had to believe that telltale games would keep up that momentum with a solid 3rd episode, and boy did they ever. Episode 2 last decision batman the telltale series. This is largely due to ed brubaker he sure did do a lot for the batbooks in the early aughts casting selina kyle as the defender of gothams east end slums in her most recent solo series, armed with darwyn cookes. After the correct choices are made you will end up in bed together. Selina had proven herself a friend and ally, willing to join the fight even though she didnt have to i even had batman tell her as much and proved she could be trusted.

The jlu episode epilogue was loosely based on the plot for the batman beyond catwoman movie that was supposed to follow revenge of the joker. An actiondrama series following rookie detective james gordon as he battles villains and corruption in pre batman gotham city. On the flipside, harvey getting half of his face burned makes his descent into twoface less silly. In episode 2, she assists batman in battling the children of arkham at the mayoral debate. The following contains a battastic amount of spoilers from the gotham series finale. Selina kyle had become a powerful ceo and figured out a way to clone people. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

However, after being injected with a psychoactive chemical by the children of arkham and possibly disfigured, he lost control of his sanity and developed a second personality, obsessed. Children of arkham is the second episode of batman. Nov 21, 2017 damn, i was overwhelmed with choices in this episode. She is voiced by laura bailey, who also played the titular. I know batman and catwoman normally have a thing for one another, but my batman didnt show a single affection towards her. If the player makes sure batman wasnt excessively violent or attempt to murder falcone in episode 1, gordon will call bats a hero during the debate scene. A former district attorney and friend of bruce wayne, harvey dent ran for mayor of gotham against hamilton hill. Catwoman real name selina kyle is a semiantagonist in batman.

I dont know, choosing selina was also an option and it was really hard to make a choice, but in the end i ended up saving harley. This task force will do anything including revealing batman s true identity to stop their enemies. Batman telltale series episode 3 alternative choices reject selina or romance selina walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary lets play batman. Depending on the choice you have made, the second chapter will begin in the location you have chosen. The action takes us to one of gothams pubs, in which bruce has a meeting with selina. You can either make a move back and try to kiss her or make it apparent that you are not interested in more than a workrelated partnership. In the episode 4 trailer, there was a short clip of bruce and selina kissing.

The second choice is made while talking to alfred, moments after youve taken care either harvey or cobblepot. While choosing to romance selina it is important not to resist her seduction and choose kissing options in all of the available dialogues. In season 2, i went the whole good selina route except for choosing to throw her instead of try to kiss her in riddlers lair, because im a hero, not an idiot and got in a relationship with her, said i loved her and freed her from waller at the end of the vigilante route. You can check out our batman telltale wiki page to know more about the episode 2 guide, tips, and tricks, dialogues, and results. Should bruce turn on john in episode 4, what ails you, john will forsake his and bruces relationship and kiss harley quinn. Batman telltale episode 2 try to kiss selina youtube. Bruno heller, the cocreater of gotham, talked in an interview about the influence of 1970s new york city on the show. The telltale series is an episodic adventure game by telltale games. Dec 14, 2016 batman telltale series episode 5 alternative choices kiss selina or reject selina you know thats not true thats all you are walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary lets play. Harvey however, while being beefy as fuck, is just a civilian and seemingly the last chance for gotham. Regardless of your choices, which choices do you think. I would have been alright if it handled this relationship nice and slow least what you can do with 2 hours of gameplay for each episode. I wouldnt say its the worst telltale episode ive played. Catwoman is a supporting character and possible love interest in both batman.

However, in reality, selina works with him to achieve her own ends, leaving. In this episode our meeting with selina takes a interesting turn and we then go and have a nice little conversation with major hill. The third important choice will await you near the end of the game, in chapter 6. Sep 20, 2016 batman the telltale series episode 2 ending save selina kyle catwoman. She would have had multiple clones of bruce wayne running around doing her bidding,including one she was unusually close to. Episode 2 spoilers why did people choose selina over harvey. Youll have to either rat on catwoman, revealing that shes the one who betrayed the pact, or take the blame yourself.

Harvey had become even sketchy and somewhat untrustworthy to me, so i figured, its better to save the ally that has your back instead of the man who will disown you in public. Selina is a woman who knows how to take care of herself. Considering he is the future of gotham he was a no brainer for me. The first important choice comes with the third chapter, during the conversation with john. However, in reality, selina works with him to achieve. A skilled mercenary and thief, her true identity is selina kyle. Oct 25, 2016 showcasing batman and catwoman romance scene in batman telltale episode 3. I always try to see the bigger picture, and harvey is just far more important that catwoman, for gotham and bruce.

Like virtually every other depiction of the character, she is a sensual costumed cat burglar who crosses paths with batman but also develops feelings for him. Yeah, getting laid sounds nice and all, but i just couldnt get the batman mindset out of my mind. Catwoman is selina kyle, an infamous thief whose plans were continually foiled by the dark knight. Than out of no where, it was either kiss her or back away embarrassed. Batman and catwoman all romance scenes batman telltale. The telltale series the enemy within game guide gotham needs a hero again. Oh, by the way, i think if you saved harvey, you cant have a relationship with selina. All dialogues have been described in detail so that you can take the right decisions in this popular title by telltale games.

Twoface is harveys destinyfate, so if he doesnt become twoface at the end of episode 2 by choosing to save selina, hell probably become twoface in another waydifferent time. Sep 21, 2016 batman telltale series episode 2 alternate choices try to kiss selina, back away walkthrough playthrough gameplay no commentary lets play batman the telltale series 2016 characters in the. The telltale series, like most batman centered media, is set within gotham, a city infested with both crime and corruption. Thats evident in much of the cinematography, such as the elevated tracks at the murder scene in selina kyle, very similar to the setting of the car chase in the french connection but what i hoped was also a tone similar to the. Batman spoilers selinas apartment scene so i was playing through episode 3, at the part in selinas apartment when harvey walks in.

Ive mentioned that catwoman is my favorite of batman s rogues, but thats primarily for her role as an antihero and romantic foil for our hero than as a villain. Decide if you want to visit mayor hill as bruce, or as batman. Unsure how to find selina, gordon takes val to sirens to ask his sadistic ex for the intel. Sep 21, 2016 but ill probably do a playthrough where i save harvey and prevent him from becoming twoface. The first poster was revealed on october 5, 2017, and the trailers were released. Electing to save selina ends up with her waking up in wayne manor, with bruce smiling over her, and taking her hand in reassurance. Born into a rich family, selina kyle is a socialite in gotham city who became the notorious burglar called the catwoman. Batman telltale episode 5 bruce and selina kiss scene.

But it was the most unsatisfying and lackluster telltale episode ive played. Children of arkham chapter 5 the incumbent prev episode 2. Nope she got her self involed by agreeing to steal the hard drive in episode 1 for penguin and the other charecter who i think is scarecrow and batman messed it up. Selina kyle batman the telltale series wikia fandom. Catwoman harley will decide that catwoman is to be frozen in freezes capsule.

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